delivered on-time with care

Your partner for Furniture Logistics

You take pride in your carefully sourced furniture and want your transport partner to handle your products with the same care. NeWays Transport & Logistics is your one stop shop, we take care of your products from the door of your manufacturer to your customer. We are here to help you deliver your furniture on-time and damage free.

In addition to European transportation we offer worldwide logistics through NeWays Logistics. Not only taking care of the final delivery but unburdening your entire supply chain. Regardless of the logistics challenges you are facing, we are here to assist and advise you.

We offer our customers a wide variety of services:

  • Sea- and Airfreight
    For our global sourcing and operating customers we offer logistic solutions by Sea, Air and Rail. Always ensuring the required service level is achieved.
  • Warehousing
    From short to long-term warehousing, we offer our customers warehousing solutions that fit their needs. In combination with our order-picking service we further unburden your warehousing needs.
  • Cross-docking
    If warehousing is not necessary we can offer our customers cross-docking. In this case, goods that are received in the warehouse will not be stored but directly sorted for distribution. Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Transport
    We offer European wide transportation. Whether you want your goods delivered at your store, customer or warehouse.