Gateway to Europe


Gateway to Europe

Is your company situated outside of the EU and are you ready to storm the European market? First of all it is efficient if your stock is stored at one strategic location. The Netherlands is the perfect country to do so!

The advantages of logistics in the Netherlands:

  • All your European stock under one roof
  • Central location and good connections with other European countries
  • Adjoining road transport
  • Quick custom clearances
  • Various favourable arrangements, such as the opportunity of fiscal representation
  • Strongly growing European online market
  • High percentage of internet users

Cross-border Logistics

Are you looking to expand to the rest of Europe or even further? NeWays Logistics is your partner in e-fulfilment and retail logistics!

Fiscal Representation

The Netherlands fiscal regime has the possibility of fiscal representation. This means that companies from outside of the European Union can be fiscally represented by a Dutch company. This is a huge advantage, since if goods are sold to an EU company by a non EUR company, the VAT (value added tax) can be transferred to its European Partner. A big advantage for the outside EU party, since they don’t need to pay VAT when importing goods.