Perishables / frozen goods


Warehousing for perishables / frozen goods

We have got locations near the Rotterdam area as well as locations situated in the ’transport zone’ next to the border Belgium-Holland. As experts in the field of perishables, we understand and apply the best methods and the latest technology to maintain the quality of your products. We ensure that all pallets are carefully handled, whilst in our care to keep them in the best possible condition. Our cold store is strategically situated in between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. The cold store is certified as ‘bonded warehouse type E’  and holds certificates of AEO, BRC and BIO. They stand for a quality wise and safe handling of your goods. AEO certified (both for customs administration and safety) means that they are recognized as loyal and reliable partners to the customs and the authorities. The great advantage of the AEO-recognition is that the documents need less physical control. This saves a lot of time for our customers.