Custom formalities for perishables


Custom formalities for perishables

One of our group members is AEO certified, and consequently we are able to fulfill all formalities regarding the import of reefer-cargo into the the EU ourselves.

Residing, nearby the port of Antwerp and close to the place where your goods will arrive or depart, NeWays Logistics will take care of all your worries with the shipping lines, the terminal operators, the customs, the FASFC, etc.

Veterinary inspection
The veterinary inspection of fish and meat has to take place at the FASFC’s border inspection post.

Transport to inspection point
We can organize the transport of the reefer-container to the veterinary inspection post. We communicate the inspection results immediately to the owner of the reefer cargo. If any problem should arise during the inspection, we will contact our client and search for an adequate solution.

Phyto-sanitary control
Warehouse Operator is acknowledged by the Federal Agency for Safety in the Food Chain (FASFC) to carry out phyto-sanitary controls on vegetables and fruit.

We organise the control, take care of all needed documents and assist the FASFC. After the inspection the results will be communicated to the owners of the goods. In case of quality issues we will look together for an adequate solution.