managing your supply chain

Your logistics activities outsourced

If you opt for outsourcing, a half-solution is no use to you.

You want to be able to focus all your attention on your core business. And to do so you have to be able to outsource your logistic activities as completely as possible, perhaps even as an integrated whole. We can can pack, repackage and label your goods for you, and even assemble them if necessary. The goods can be stored until you indicate that they are to be delivered to your customer by road-, air- or sea freight.

We are also ready to offer international companies temporary storage facilities to ensure our clients see no disruption to their logistics service post-Brexit.

We offer flexibility. We apply our expertise and knowledge to your unique needs, using common processes where practical and devising new methods where necessary.

Here is a list of the associated services we provide:

  • Storage
  • Assembly of components and subproducts
  • Pick & Pack
  • Order&Vendor Management (also in China – deliveries on “due date” your Clients in Europe)
  • Bonded Warehousing