Your partner in India

Your partner in India

10 maart 2023

Covid outbreak has been “a signal“ for importers to look at their sourcing strategy.
As a result, we are seeing more and more multinationals moving production to more and/or other countries, either in Asia or closer to home (“nearshoring” ).

India with many opportunities and qualified people, is reason for many companies to look seriously at opportunities in India

Apple, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson are among the most notable companies that recently opened factories in India. Smaller SMEs are also increasingly opting for a manufacturing location in India.

NeWays has decided to establish an office, so importers / exporters can rely on a partner ( with local experienced staff ) to take care of your Logistics.

We help companies save time and costs, and to find their way in India. We know the pitfalls and help our clients bypass them and succeed faster. We do have experience /expertise in also handling your X-trades ( 10x40HCRF with Pharma to Nicaragua and Itajai Port – we arrange this from producer to receiver ).
Please send your enquiry to :
NeWays Logistics Projects & X-Trades

Tel: +91-7990 909709
Office: +31-88-2025777